Monday, November 16, 2009


Haha, very funny thing happened tonight. I was listening to a series of sermons from Mars Hill and I was listening to Pastor Mark talking when suddenly everything he was saying became ultra-familiar. It turns out that the sound bites on one of my favorite songs were taken from this sermon. The song is the intro to Lecrae's Rebel album. I listened to it over and over again while I was painting furniture a few months ago. It was so random to hear those words coming out of his mouth, my jaw dropped. I always kind of wondered whose voice it was and where the word had come from. The sound bite is:
"You're just a conformist
Drunken, Naked, Driving around on a loud motorcycle
Smoking cigarettes, Breaking commandments,
Getting pregnant out of wedlock,
Everyone's done that,
It's so tired,
If you really wanna be a rebel,
Read your bible,
Because no one's doing that,
That's rebellion,
That's the only rebellion left."

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