Sunday, November 22, 2009


I am downright depressed. It has been cold, raining and windy for weeks now with only the briefest glimpses of sun. It's so exhausting. Things are so stressful right now.
We used to volunteer to help with serving coffee at church on Sundays but kind of stopped after awhile when we got busier with work and school. It's just a time commitment we are not able to make at this stage in our lives.
Recently they have been looking for more volunteers but we were not interested. Somehow we got signed up anyways, and then eventually taken off the list... It's incredibly frustrating, especially right now. I am so burned out from working full time and trying to keep this house in order on top of working, Paul is in his last quarter of school which is extremely demanding, and Christmas is coming up so my work is becoming more and more busy and so is our home life. We already had to give up going to homegroup on Monday nights because we have so much stuff going on right now and Paul's homework load is quite heavy. I just want a balanced life with enough time to work and keep the house and enough energy left over to actually enjoy life. Apparently this is too much to ask.
So we stayed up late last night and couldn't really decide what to do. Turns out that we slept in too late to make it to church this morning anyways. We did go out to see Brittany today for her birthday and ended up staying and chatting for a couple hours which was fun. Then we did a bit of fruitless Christmas shopping and came home to nap and do more laundry. This is my glamorous life...

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