Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hormones and perspective

You know you're hormonal when: World Vision calls to ask you to sponsor another child and you immediately burst into tears, while they're still on the line.
As if it's not bad enough that there are children in the world starving, with nothing, here I am sitting here in our warm home, with plenty of food, clean water, feeling completely sorry for myself.
I felt so bad, as soon as I said I couldn't sponsor another child, because my husband got laid off from work last week. I told the rep that obviously we will continue to sponsor our current sponsor child, Demba, but that we are trying to cut back on everything else we can think of.
The World Vision rep actually started consoling me and told me that what we are doing is already enough. She also said she hopes that everything will work out for us. I guess I just hadn't really cried yet about the change in our circumstances, not that they're that bad, compared to kids in the third world. That, I think, is what frustrates me. I, mistakenly, thought that without Paul's income, we'd be poor, but I was wrong, we'll still be among the richest top percentage of the world. Seriously. Sometimes all you need is some perspective :)

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