Thursday, November 29, 2012

Clean, then decorate!

I love Christmas. As in, ever since my favourite blogs marked Christmas in July I've been counting down for the real thing, and driving my co-workers crazy with daydreams of fireplaces, snow falling softly, fancy Christmas baking and pretty, pretty lights. I start singing carols in the shower in September, much to my husband's chagrin. I know that there can't really be too much of a good thing, but out of respect for our veterans, I try to show some restraint and keep my Christmas spirit on the down low until at least November 12th. Actual Christmas decorating is verboten until December 1st, to keep the peace under our little roof. So you'd think that with all this anticipation I'd be ready for it, even a little bit?

My house is a hot mess.

Cue 40 hour work weeks, multiple workouts on weeknights, and too many nights on the couch letting Mr. TV woo me away from the task(s) at hand.

So, bring on the weekend! It's time to conquer this cluttercastle and get my Christmas spirit out of the storage locker and all lit up in here!

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