Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just Jammin'

Jam day went well, I think. I came out with ten 250ml jars of Raspberry-Strawberry-Blueberry jam. I ended up using a long-boil recipe with no pectin, just the berries and sugar. I also canned six 250ml jars of Raspberries in light syrup. They are lovely on vanilla ice cream in the middle of winter. Here are some pics from the kitchen:

Here is the fruit pureƩ boiling in the big pot. I am really glad I used the big pot because the jam really started to spit when it got boiling, there was jam everywhere. It had to be boiled for 20+ minutes and stirred almost constantly to prevent scorching.

Then I put the jam in the jars, centered the lids with the magnetic lid lifter thingy and put the bands on finger-tight.

Into the canner we go!

Raspberries in light syrup awaiting their turn in the canner.

The finished products!

All told, making the jam and canning it took me about 3 hours. Hopefully next time I can do it quicker :)

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