Monday, February 1, 2010

I see the sun

Our internet was down for about 2 and a half days last week. It doesn't seem like long but it really gave me some perspective on exactly how much of my time is spent on the internet and what a huge hole it seems to leave when it is gone. Now it is back, (thank you captain obvious, right?) and the cable has been turned off. Another huge time-suck eliminated, temporarily. Soon it will be back, we are switching providers, thus all the service interruptions. It's funny how over those few days I thought of so many things to blog about but now this is all I've got, a rundown on our internet and cable situation.
In other news, I got a new phone. Oh wait, that is not other news, it's pretty much the same! Anywho, it's a Blackberry and it eats battery life like crazy. I asked the guys about usability, reception, durability, all the features, except for battery life. So, word to the wise, look into it if you are thinking about switching to Blackberry. It's so bad that I think it might be a defect so I'll probably take it in and ask them.
Paul and I went for a couple short hikes this weekend at Witty's Lagoon. Saturday we had barely found the place when it started to get dark but when we went back Sunday, to the other end of the park, it was gloriously sunny. I haven't been so happy to feel sunshine on my face in months. It had been literally months since I've been out in the sun. The park is amazing too, a waterfall that pours down a rock face into a lagoon, muddy rainforest trails, mossy old man's beard covered trees along a path leading to a perfect white sand beach. It is a busy place too, we saw at least 5o dogs, with their owners of course, big dogs and small dogs, all muddy and wet and wagging their tails, obviously enjoying the best. walk. ever.
My passport application is nearly complete. All I need to do is get my photo taken and have Paul sign the backs of them and then off to the mailbox. Fingers crossed everyone, this application might actually be the one that I finish and mail before I lose it and/or my documentation. I am so excited. It is definitely a step in the right direction.
That's about all the energy and details this girl can muster for now. Incredibly busy day at work today, probably more of the same coming my way tomorrow. So tired.

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