Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adrift and overwhelmed

Oh so many things... Life for us right now is, um, disorganized? Or maybe not organized at all? We are like a ship adrift at sea with no set direction, not going anywhere fast, we'll just arrive at any port that will have us it seems. I'm sure we couldn't decide what to do right now even if we did discuss it seriously, which we don't. I am still supporting us, working full-time, Paul is waiting to hear back about some prospective jobs. This is the turning point, if we can decide which way to turn that is. There are 5 bedroom houses for sale in Port Alberni for less than a 1 bedroom condo sells for in our current neighbourhood. If only there were work up there for both of us, it'd be great to be close to family, especially if we decide to start our own family.
In other news, I found my birth certificate and our marriage certificate, after having re-ordered copies of both. This means that now I can apply for my passport. Ideally, I want to take a short trip to the UK this summer, possibly Ireland and Scotland too. It is completely dependent on whether or not Paul is working and whether or not we have paid off some important debts first. It has been a long unfulfilled dream of mine to travel to Europe but I know I wouldn't be able to enjoy it without a clear conscience so the debts must be paid first. Hopefully our tax refund will take a big chunk out of that.
Saw Avatar on Sunday afternoon with Paul. We used one of our passes so it was only $6.00 to upgrade for the 3-D. It was epic.

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